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The entrepreneurs operating on the Polish Market feel lost among the numerous changes of legal regulations and the diversified interpreting by tax authorities and jurisdiction. We are conscious of the needs of companies on the dynamically developing market and thus in Alabri we have created a special team of experts who are here to give urgent and concise answers to the doubts you may have. The service is to begin operating in the beginning of next year. Nevertheless, even now we would highly appreciate if you send us your suggestions about the expected time of reactions to your e-mail query, preferred methods of payment, conditions of cooperation etc. We thank you for the effort put in describing your expectations, which – as we hope – will improve the stability and sense of security in the unstable economical and legal surroundings.

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We will do a lottery-drawing among those who send s their expectations. the winner will receive a free monthly subscription to on-line consulting.

Best regards,
Agata Lutow
Tax Advisor